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Wife, Daughter, Mother, Friend, Business Owner, Nutritionist, & Cancer Survivor 


Hi, my name is Brooke Thomas and all of the words listed above describe me.  As a very busy wife and the mother of two daughters, I understand the health struggles that each family faces because every day I face them too! The typical American lifestyle is becoming faster paced each year.  We have strenuous jobs and hectic schedules which gives us very little time to think about the importance of our health.  That’s exactly why Shaklee products make so much sense to me. Shaklee fuels my body so I can always be my best. I feel amazing, my family feels amazing and the people I’ve shared Shaklee with feel amazing too!


I was raised in a family of health and wellness professionals and considered myself to be in great health. But in 2004 at the age of 26, while in my 1st trimester of pregnancy I learned that I had developed stage 3 cancer. What should have been the most exciting time in my life became a very scary period of uncertainty. I realized I had to make some important life changes.


When I was diagnosed with cancer, I realized that I was consuming and exposing myself to toxins on a daily basis.  Through research, I determined that I urgently needed improve my environment and my lifestyle.  These improvements were truly made easy by switching to Shaklee products. Shaklee provided me with whole food vitamins and supplements, healthy beauty products and non toxic cleaners….all at great prices!  I’m thrilled to report I’m now cancer free and both of my girls and my husband are in the top percentile of health.  And through that difficult experience I solidified my relationship with Shaklee.


While Shaklee didn’t cure my cancer, it was...and still is...the most significant change I’ve made in my life and it has paid me back exponentially!  Now, my whole family is one of thousands who are enjoying the countless benefits of high quality, all natural, toxin free products available through Shaklee.


There are many other products that boast health claims in the marketplace.  But I invite you to look closely at the massive research, the extensive quality control and third party testing that is conducted on Shaklee products.


You won’t find advertisements about Shaklee products on TV or the radio.  But you will see endorsements from people like Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Oz, and Olympic athletes.  In fact, Shaklee non-toxic cleaners are the products used in the White House. 



Moving from Customer to Business Owner

Like so many other Shaklee business leaders, I began as a customer.  I began purchasing Shaklee products for their effectiveness which was proven through the transformation of my body, increased energy and peace of mind.  Then I fully realized that I could make a great income and also feel the best I have ever felt. Trust me.  You do not need to be a health and wellness guru to be successful with Shaklee.  In fact, there is just one criteria . . . you MUST want a better life for yourself and those you love.


Beyond feeling your best and making a great income, Shaklee is also an effective tax strategy. I’m an entrepreneurial-minded woman always looking for effective tax strategies to increase my family’s take home pay! According to Ronald R. Mueller, author of the bestseller Home Based Business Tax Savings Made Easy, “The Average American who runs even a part-time home-based business can now qualify for more tax advantages than any other category of taxpayer.”


My Shaklee earnings have also allowed my family to diversify our income stream.  My Shaklee income fully funds my children’s private school education, has expanded my disposable income and also pays for a few extra family vacations each year!


Shaklee is dedicated to ‘Creating healthier lives and a healthier planet’ and through our Shaklee business so are we.  Please click the “contact me” button above. I would love to answer any questions you have.  Thank you!